Pity Party…

Ok, allow me a little pitty party here….its 8:30am on Saturday morning and I’ve already been up for 2 hours. Even though I’ve had kids for 2.5 years and am “used” to getting up early, there’s still something inherently wrong with waking up at 6:30am on a Saturday. I miss those days in college and high school where there were very few responsibilities and I could waste my Saturdays sleeping until noon. LOL And since our kids are only 2.5 and 4 months, we can’t leave them to their own devices just yet. :o) In the grand scheme of things, waking up so early isn’t that big of a deal, but on a cloudy, cool (er) day, its just a great day to linger in the covers and be lazy. Oh well….


3 thoughts on “Pity Party…

  1. amen sister, we hear ya! we miss those days too. ezie wakes up around 5:45 every morning & i have to think to myself, i love my son, i love my son :o)miss you!

  2. Yeah, I miss those days too. Aidan is a VERY early riser (6:20-6:45 am…7:00-ish on a good day!). I am not looking forward to even MORE loss of sleep coming in a few weeks, lol! Of course, I am excited for the new baby to come, but I am dreading the zombie-like exhaustion of the first few weeks.

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