Things you never want to hear…

I was sitting at the computer a few minutes ago, and Jen began the nightly routine of bathing Cailyn while Hannah “helps”. I’m minding my own business when I hear Jen say, “Oh, Hannah, no, we don’t do that sweetie! Seth, can you come help me???” Ok, so I’m like, what did she do now. Well, I get in the bathroom to find out that to pass the time of waiting for Mommy and Cailyn to come into the bathroom, Hannah decides to wash her face…IN THE TOILET!!! YUCK! The poor thing…I get in there and see her and she’s standing there looking at Jen with mounds of suds all over her face, just looking as pitiful as she could. I am grossed out!! Poor girl!!


6 thoughts on “Things you never want to hear…

  1. hilarious! i can just hear jen say those exact words, but deep down wanting to laugh out loud…as long as there was nothing in the toilet, but if your the type to “when it’s yellow, let it mellow”…then maybe no laughing deep down.

  2. This reminds me of the time we had friends over to our house and I noticed their little guy drinking from a toy measuring cup. My eyes said it was water but my head was thinking something is not right…where did the water come from. When I looked in the hallway I saw a trail of so called water to the toliet!! He had taken the measuring cup and filled it with pee water to get a drink! Yep that’s right his sister had just peed in the toliet right before he did that. At least his parents just laughed and that it was his sisters pee and not one of my girls!! Kids!

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