Who Needs Boys??

Now, before you parents with boys jump all over me, hear me out. When we found out we were having a second girl, we were extatic. I was so excited that Hannah would have a sister to play with and bond with (Lord willing!!). However, I wondered if Seth was going to miss out on something by not having a son…..watching sports with his kids, playing sports with his kids, having a little handy-man helper to help fix things around the house. Well, let me tell you, the Deibel girls are well rounded!! BOTH of them LOVE watching baseball and football with Daddy. Hannah even ASKS for it! Hannah helped Daddy fix the garbage disposal a couple of weeks ago and she throws a football even better than I do! So, who needs boys when you have 2 lovely, dainty little girls who know how to hang with the guys?? (a note about the pics…no, we don’t let Cailyn sit and watch tv like that but I left the room for a second came back, and found her mesmerised. LOL)


3 thoughts on “Who Needs Boys??

  1. HA! I know that those pics are just a way to show Seth’s TV off! I notice what was on it too! ouch! That it ok… I’ll go drink my cup of tea and sit by the fire… that always cheers me up!

  2. Nope, not in our plans anyway. If God wants us to have a boy, he’s bigger than modern medicine. :o) But as far as we’re concerned, two is enough for us!!

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