Our genius children…

So, both girls showed us just what big geniuses they both are today! We went to story time at the local library. They read stories about grandparents in honor of Grandparent’s Day (which was this past Sunday….sorry Grandparents! :o/ ). They had the kids make cards for their Grandparents. We only had time to make one, and Hannah said she wanted to write her name. I gave her verbal instructions on how to write the “H”. The rest she did on her own (I dictated the name of each letter and she wrote it down). Here’s a pic of it:

I KNEW you’d be impressed…I sure was!! So, this artifact will be going in her keepsake box…sorry again, Grandparents!! :o)

Then, Cailyn, who was not to be outdone, decided today would be the day that she’d sit all by herself for the first time!! She did it twice, for at least a minute each time – the day before she turns 5 months old, no less! I don’t have a pic yet because we were at church when it happened, but I’ll try to get one tomorrow – if she’ll cooperate.

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