A Day in the Life of the Deibel Girls

We thought you’d like a peek inside a typical day for the Deibel girls….

1. Wake up, check the calendar for the day’s events, eat breakfast, play…

2. After a morning of hard play, we indulge in a delicious, nutritious lunch, followed by a nice “nap” (aka – playing in our beds).

3. Sort the mail, pay bills, scowl at any interruptions, such as pesky paparazzi…

4. Finish paying the bills…don’t forget this one, Dad!

5. Get out for a bit of exercise and enjoy the nice cool weather (finally!)

6. Sucker Mom into staying out just a bit longer….Say, Mom, how ’bout getting us some shades, eh?

7. Finally, after a long day of play, going for walks, doing a little work, we all settle in for the night…..


4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of the Deibel Girls

  1. Love the pics, nice to know it’s cooling down ‘somewhere’! We miss those kiddos, can’t wait to get a real hug again!Love to you all, granny

  2. Too cute! I also love the conversation on the sidebar…sounds like Aidan and Hannah have been comparing notes. Sometimes we have to have a few minutes of “silent time” just to let Mommy’s voice and ears and brain recover a bit…lol.

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