Croup! There it is…..Croup! There it is…

Tuesday, February 5, started out like any other Tuesday. The girls and I went to work, played, ate, napped (well, the girls “napped” while I worked). We went to a basketball game of a couple of our youth and it was a late night for everyone, but nothing out of the oridnary. Suddenly at 1am, I hear a barking seal in Hannah’s room….only its not a seal, its Hannah! Seth and I both knew it was most likely croup, but Hannah couldn’t catch her breath and was really scared, which made her hyperventilate, which made it harder for her to breathe, which made her more scared…viscious circle. So, Seth took her down to the ER and I stayed home with Cailyn.

I must pause at this point in the story and say that I had croup when I was about Hannah’s age, and I, too, was taken to the hospital by my father, while my mom stayed at home with my brother. I remember bits and pieces of my dad and I’s journey to the ER, and always pictured my mom and home in bed slumbering peacefully. Not sure why it never dawned on me that she would be wide awake at home with a million thoughts and prayers running through her mind.

Ok, back to our regularly scheduled blog….

So, I called my mom to let her know what was going on (if you’re a family member and didn’t get a call, please don’t be offended…it was REALLY late – or early depending on how you look at it – and I was trying to keep myself together) and asked her how she stayed sane while dad was gone with me. I was able to calm myself down and once Seth called and said they’d taken her back right away to check her vitals adn that her oxygen levels were good, I was able to lightly sleep off and on, knowing I would still have to be useful today.
Hannah and Seth got back home around 5:30am and she already sounded better and was acting her usual silly self. We put the humidifier in her room and elevated one end of her mattress. She slept great the rest of the “night” and I never heard a sound from her (cough wise) until she woke for the day at 10am. She’s now snuggled on the couch with her kitty, blankey, second cup of diluted Gatorade, watching Cars. No fever, and is in good spirits. Our main prayers are for quick healing and protection so Cailyn doesn’t get it.

3 thoughts on “Croup! There it is…..Croup! There it is…

  1. Charity – yes, Croup is a respiratory infection of sorts that makes the trachea and air passages swell and it can be difficult for the child to breathe.

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