Take Me Out to the Ballgame!!

If you know the Deibel Crew at all, then you know we are huge baseball fans! So, we recently ventured out for a family day of baseball…well, we went to the Ranger’s game – we’ll take what we can get. LOL
It was the perfect day for a game!! It was in the upper 60’s when we got there, mid-70’s when we left. Our seats were in the second level, towards the back so we had a great view of the field, as well as a large cement area behind us where the girls could roam when they got antsy from sitting in the seats. They, of course, charmed everyone around us and inherited at least 5 sets of grandparents! We all shared hot dogs, fries, nachos, and ice cream. Cailyn got her first tastes of fries and ice cream and couldn’t get enough! We slathered the girls in sunblock and Cailyn managed to keep her hat on the whole time! Check back later and we’ll have videos of Cailyn eating ice cream and Hammerin’ Hannah taking some shots at the ball!
The Deibel Girls enjoying the game!

Cailyn contemplating the philosophy that baseball is life….

Hannah sharing her philosophy that snacks are life….

Cailyn exploring the stands and flirting with everyone in sight…

Possibly the coolest part of the game – we got interviewed by Fox Sports Network b/c it was Cailyn’s first baseball game! And, yes, we’re being interviewed at a Ranger’s game all of us wearing Diamondback’s gear!!!


7 thoughts on “Take Me Out to the Ballgame!!

  1. You know my mottow – You can take the girl out of Arizona but you can’t take Arizona out of the girl. Cracking up at your Diamond Back gear. *LOL* You need to be on line more – come on, being a SAHM isn’t THAT hard. *wink*

  2. As I look back at this blog, there is one phrase that comes to mind if you look at the first picture (particularly the background) and it’s one of my favorite SportCenter-isms, “Come on out folks! Plenty of room at the ballpark!” Being the Rangers, this is what you would expect…funny in my mind anyway,Seth

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