Mother’s Day 2008

I realize this is a bit late, but it’s one of the presents Jen got for Mother’s Day this year. I compiled a video for her beginning the day that Hannah was born, through some of the most recent shots we have of the girls. It was so much fun to make…it made me laugh, made me pause, made me reflect, and each time I watch it makes me cry…but most importantly, it made me appreciate just how lucky I am to have such beautiful little girls and such a wonderful wife that takes such great care of them. They are wonderful because of her. She is such a great mother, and as is the case with all moms, there is never enough thanks or recognition we could give them.

Jen, to you, I say again how much I love you and thank you for being such a great Mom.

And to my Mom’s, a great big I Love You and thank you.


P.S. It’s very long (11 minutes!) but there was too much to share! You’ll laugh, be amazed, probably utter a few “aahhh’s” or two, but please, enjoy!


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