The Newest Olympic Hopefuls!

We’ve had quite the busy weekend! Granny came out for a visit and to help us have a yard sale on Friday and Saturday. I knew she would be a big help, but now looking back, I know there’s NO way we could have had that sale without her help – so a big THANKS to Granny!!!

Having Granny around is pretty exciting stuff!

A lot of time was spent playing in Hannah’s room

Granny brought out my wedding dress and veil, as there was a friend here that was interested in it. It was really neat seeing Hannah see the dress! Her and Cailyn had fun trying on the veil and “being princesses”. Today on the way to take Granny to the airport, Hannah said, “Mommy, I’m going to be a princess someday and have my very own handsome prince!”

Something else the girls discovered this weekend was gymnastics! I remember watching the olympics as a small child and just being in awe of the gymnasts as well as the figure skaters. I would dream and pretend I was one of these super-people and day dream about flinging myself around all the apparatai (is that even a word??).

Well, Hannah was equally in awe of the girl gymnasts we saw on TV and immediately started running around the living room “doing exercise”, as she called it. She can do all the things – uneven bars, vault, pommel horse, “the big blue floor”, rings, and her favorite, the balance beam (or “balance thing”). She must’ve run around the house doing her gymnastics for at least an hour, two nights in a row!!! Enjoy a few shots of her “routine”:

Of course, you know Cailyn couldn’t see sister do all this and not join in! So, here’s her version of gymnastics:

So proud!!

So, stay tuned…in a few years you may see these girls in the red, white and blue leotards!!


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