The Road Trip

Sorry its taken so long to update with pictures! This post is about our drive from Texas to Arizona. I’ve got 200 other pictures to sort through from our 2 weeks in AZ so far, so I’ll try to get some of them up soon.

The trailer is all packed, we’re ready to head out:

A couple more things to take care of first…

Daddy and Hannah take a moment in Hannah’s empty room to read The Bearnstain Bears’ Moving Day book:

Our last minute in our house – that’s no longer ours’!!

We’re all shoved into the van, ready to go!

Hannah’s ready!

Cailyn’s ready, too!

Cailyn “napping” in the van…if you can call 20 minutes a real nap!

Hannah “napping”:

Our DVD player got plenty of use on the road, and we got to try out our wireless headphones:

We made a stop in Abilene, TX to see the 56th Armored Division museum. Seth’s grandpa, Carlin, was a halftrack driver in this division in WWII, so it was neat to see authentic memorabilia from his division.

The section of the museum dedicated to Carlin’s Battalion:

Daddy telling the girls about his Grandpa’s service to our country. The girls were totally enthralled with the whole thing!

Hannah taking a “ride” in a tank:

Seth and the girls standing next to a halftrack like Carlin drove:

We stopped for dinner at a Burger King. The kids were more than ready to run and play on the playground. I happened to catch Cailyn’s “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” moment:

After the BK stop, we only made one other stop for fuel. The kids did really great the whole trip. The night time drive was a bit fitful, and the sleep wasn’t totally unbroken, but all in all, we’re really proud of the kids. We pulled into Phoenix about 7am. Hannah woke up and we told her we were finally in Arizona:

We’ve been having a blast playing with Granny, Papa, Grammy, Grandpa, Aunt Leanna, Uncle Adam, Rachel and Jared. We’ve been to the lake, the mall, the library, baseball games, the pool. I’ll get some pictures from those adventures up soon.


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