Yes, Deer

It has been so much fun getting to spend time with all of our family, particularly our niece and nephew. The four kids all get along GREAT, and its hilarious to watch them all together. All four of them seem to think they are “the boss”, and we have 3 “mother hens” (or father hen in Jared’s case), and one who wishes not to be mothered (to put it nicely).

One fun thing we did together was go to the Deer Farm up in northern Arizona. Its basically a huge petting zoo, where you get up close and personal (to say the least) with the deer, get to feed them, and see lots of other animals while you’re at it.

Rachel (7yrs), Jared (4.5 yrs), Hannah (3.5 yrs), Cailyn (18 mos)
You’d never guess they’re all related ;o)

Hannah and Cailyn’s first big pet

Cailyn was completely fearless. She would try to hug all over the deer, get right in their face, etc.

Can YOU find Cailyn?



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