Ouray, CO – Part 2

Day two started with us getting up bright and early and partaking of the breakfast provided by the hotel which consisted of DIY belgian waffles, scrambled eggs, milk, and lots of coffee for the parental units. :o) It was 33 degrees when we set out for the trail!! I was a little worried about how the girls would feel about spending another day ALL day in the car, but here was their reaction when we told them we were going back up into the mountains:

Day 2 took us up Black Bear trail into Telluride, with a stop at Bridal Veil falls. Then we left Telluride via Imogene trail and that took us up, up, up and then down, down, down, back into Ouray (Clif and Nekol, we looked for your tree, but couldn’t find it). I’m afraid these pics are a bit out of order, but oh well. :o)

Just over the summit of Black Bear looking across to the trail we will be on! (Hannah took this pic!!)

Obligatory Jeep Shot :o)

This was right out my window….I locked to door. LOL

Hannah was proud to be at the top of yet another mountain, and was very excited about the snow!

If you look closely on the top of the rock on the left you can see a brown animal hanging out. This is called a marmot. He was RIGHT on the edge and just chilling in the sun, paying no mind to the plummit of death that awaited with one false move…

Hannah and Daddy at the summit – 12,480 feet!

Hannah just HAD to get out and “play” in the snow (which was more like ice). But her and Daddy got out and made snowmen. (I love this one b/c of the big smiles they both have)

Hannah putting the head on hers

Cailyn and Mommy stayed in the Jeep where it was warm :o)

After you cross over the summit of Blackbear and head down about halfway the other side, you come to Bridal Veil falls. Its an amazing site. Our girls loved any and every waterfall we saw, big or small, and there were a lot. But we stopped here and had a yummy pic-nic.

Hannah presents: “Bridal Veil!”

Hannah’s true rock-climbing experience. Notice Mommy watching on nervously, holding Cailyn so she won’t tumble down to join sister.

Our perfect pic-nic spot – it was COLD!!

They were so happy to get their picture taken!

Nature Girl

Towards the bottom of Imogene Trail.

Cailyn’s turn to drive!

The leaves were AMAZING. These were near another waterfall we stopped at

Can YOU find the trail?? This is right towards the summit of Imogene. That little building you can barely see at the top left is the summit.

Daddy and the girls exploring Tom Boy mine

Daddy took this AMAZING picture!

Another Obligatory Jeep Shot

At the summit of Imogene Pass – 13,114 feet

After having lunch, all warm and heading UP Imogene, the girls finally conked out!

A cool mine-shaft we came across. It was totally open, but we decided against exploring inside. :o)

You guessed it… LOL
Daddy showing Hannah how to drink from the waterfall

Hannah enjoying the waterfall

What a great-looking family!

Better shot of the waterfall – this is Seth and I’s favorite one in Ouray

Cool tunnel on Imogene Pass


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