How do you explain??

The concept of an “early birthday celebration” to a 3 (almost 4) year old? LOL

We must’ve explained it to Hannah a million different ways, and just when we think she “gets it”, she says something that makes us think maybe we didn’t quite explain it just right. The kicker the other night was after she blew out the candles, she was CONVINCED she was 4! :o)

Since we will be 2 hours away on her actual birthday, we had a special early bday celebration up here. Hannah requested pizza for dinner and chocolate “princess” cake.

The table ready for food!

Waiting “patiently” for dinner

Killing some time between dinner and cake. She was a “princess cowboy” (note the balloon behind her)

Once it was time for cake, the girls rushed off to put on their princess clothes. Hannah was so excited for her Cinderella cake!

“I like cake!”

Jared was not to be left out in the dressing up

The mylar princess balloon got popped on accident (much to Mommy’s dismay!! Those things are not cheap LOL), so Uncle Adam and Aunt Leanna surprised Hannah with 4 pink helium balloons.

The smile says it all!

And the end of the night, hugs were given to all and we headed to bed.

Keep your eyes out for a special Mommy to Daughter bday post on Tuesday. Also, I’ve done a TON of updating today, so be sure to scroll down and see all the posts!


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