One aspect of life here that is vastly different from when we lived in Ireland before is that life seems to revolve around the coffee shop.

People meet for business meetings; personal meetings; husbands and wives will meet during a short break just to catch up; moms bring their preschoolers for lunch or a snack before collecting the older kids from school.

I, personally, love this development! :o) We go out for coffee several times a week. One day last week, Hannah and I went out for a Mommy-daughter “date” and had coffee and hot chocolate.

Well, we went out for a “family coffee” today and we’ve discovered something new and great:

It is an espresso cup with steamed/frothed milk or chocolate milk topped with whipped cream and/or marshmallows (note, I said espresso CUP. There is no actual coffee involved). In many coffee shops this is a free treat for the kiddos! So, today, the girls had their first babyccinos and LOVED them!

“I’ve called you all here this morning to discuss something very important…”

“Maye-maows!!” (aka, marshmallows)

“This is AWESOME!”

It was a bit surreal sitting there watching our 4 year old and nearly 2 year old drinking what really LOOKED like a coffee drink. Looking so grown up and yet so teeny at the same time. Meanwhile, Mommy and Daddy got to enjoy our very own mochas (aka, legal addictive stimulant – thank you, Tom Hanks, for that line!). It was a really enjoyable family time and I think our girls have found their token “coffee.”
“Waddya think, Mom, one more??”


4 thoughts on “Babyccinos!!

  1. Cute! I really did drink coffee as a child in Brazil, so that kinda brings back memories. Only it wasn’t really at coffee shops, it was after nearly every meal!

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