An Seomra Leapa na gCailini – The Girls’ Bedroom

So, today we were able to get pics of the girls’ room. They really like it, as do I. It just seems really cheerful and bright. We had to get blackout curtains so they’ll sleep until a normal time as it’s getting lighter in the mornings already! (side note: both mommy and daddy were relieved when we talked Hannah into purple curtains instead of pink!!) ;o)

Their room is just at the top of the stairs. Once you get up the stairs, take an immediate right and that’s their room. We’ll be investing in a pretty serious baby gate once Cailyn is not contained in a crib anymore!! :O)

This pic is standing in their doorway. Just to the left of the litte chest of drawers there is a big wardrobe where we keep all their clothes.

Standing over by the the window by Hannah’s bed. There is a window on either side of their room, which makes it really bright.

Here’s Cailyn having fun mocking herself in the wardrobe mirror. Many a post-bath giggles have been had by those girls in this mirror!!

This is the view out the window by Hannah’s bed. I wish it was a clearer day b/c just past that other white house is the ocean/bay. I’ll have to take another pic on a clear day. I didn’t take a pic out the other window b/c it just over looks the car. :O)

So, there it is!
And for those of you who may have noticed the similiarity between the word “gCailini” and Cailyn’s name, here’s a bit of interesting name stuff. The Irish word for girl is “cailin” (call-EEN). We did NOT name Cailyn after that word. :o) Cailyn’s name in Irish translates to Caoillfhionn (ceel-IN) which means “slender and blonde” or “pure.” How’s that for nailing the name to the kid?? LOL

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