Spring Has Sprung…or should we say "had"?

I think we had mentioned that the footpath from the street up to our front door, and all along the front of the house is lined with daffodils. Well, they’ve all started to bloom!!

Hannah is noticing these lovely yellow flowers all over the place and must announce to the world every time we pass them! We’ve even seen some that even though they are full grown are teeny tiny and are just absolutely gorgeous.

We’ve all had fun every morning waking up to look out the window to see how many more had bloomed since the previous morning. That is, until the morning we woke up to 1/8″ of snow on the ground!! Our poor daffodils are still bloomed for the most part, but are listing quite a bit. :o) But there are still a ton that are yet to bloom, so hopefully we’ll have good daffodil sightings the remainder of the spring (spring starts Feb. 1st here). So, anyway, here are a few of our favorite pics.

Standing at the corner of the house looking across the front

This picture was a happy accident. The ground was wet, and I was trying to get a close up of the flower itself w/out laying on the ground. I think this is my fave of all of the 30 or 40 pictures we’ve taken of them!!
Spring has also inspired Seth to do some work on the blog and create the new blog header you see at the top of the page. Isn’t it awesome?!?


3 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung…or should we say "had"?

  1. Gorgeous – as always – you have a great eye for photography.Daffodils are among my fav flowers, and the flower for March, so I’m loving that they are covering your new home, and that Hannah loves scouting for them! Add a few tulips and daisies and you’ve got flower heaven!Mom M

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