Happy 2nd Birthday Cailyn!

Alright, this is late, by a day.  We celebrated Cailyn’s birthday on Sunday with some friends along with Easter.  It was a great day! We had wonderful weather so we went for a nice walk and then had some cake and opened presents! We are so proud of Cailyn and it’s been so wonderful to watch her grow, especially over the last couple of months.  Her use of words has just exploded over the last few weeks.  We can’t quite always get what she’s trying to say, but she’s doing really well and it’s really fun to hear what’s coming out of her little mind! Happy Birthday Cailyn! We love you VERY much!! We are so blessed to have you as a part of our family!
Cailyn doing some exploring on our walk

The Cake made by Jen.  Cailyn LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!
(Jen could not find blue food coloring, so if you notice like Hannah did, the slide is NOT blue)
Her first look at the cake
Here it comes!! Time for cake!!
She blew out the candles with ease!
Obvious sign of sisterhood
proper cake eating techinque
Could I get some help here?
what a cutie
I like in this picture how she’s just enveloped in the present.
Thank you everyone for my presents! I love them all!

5 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday Cailyn!

  1. So impressed with the cake, Jen! Have no idea what I will do for Emma Brooke’s 1st bday in June–up for suggestions! You seem like such a good mom!!

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