Away for a weekend

This past weekend, we had an opportunity to go visit our old home north of us.  We had a wonderful time reconnecting with some friends, and enjoying our old stomping grounds.  The trip was a success in that our family finally had a trip when we all shared a room.  Any young family knows that this is an adventure!! We ate at some familiar places, reminisced of good times we had, and were amazed at how different yet similar the place really was.  It was nice to go back, and look forward to going again sometime down the road. 

Here’s some pics of the trip

Our old house

Hannah and Cailyn feeding some friendly horses

Quiet village in a glen

We’ve always loved this mountain.  It’s so majestic!

Church nestled in a valley

Old abandoned boat sitting on the shore
Gorgeous sunset over the Atlantic

On the way home, we stopped at a waterfall…we’ll load those pics up in the next couple of days


6 thoughts on “Away for a weekend

  1. Amy – well, we just happen to know some people who might be able to help organize a trip. ;o)

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