Our Stalker

Yesterday Hannah and I were hanging our in our living room for a bit when we started hearing a tapping sound on the window. Now, we’d heard this before, but couldn’t tell what it was. We were finally able to see what was going on; there’s a bird that we think is trying to build a nest in our house. His problem is that we don’t have any open windows but bless his little heart he keeps trying! He’s targeted 3 possible entry points; our office, our living room, and our guest room upstairs. Foiled as he may be, the evidence of his attempted entry is all over the place with marks on the window. Thankfully he’s not flying into the window full speed, rather he’s just trying to kind of float into it, so he’s not doing any damage – yet. But, he is officially a stalker. He’s been trying over and over again for days, and just doesn’t seem to be giving up hope.
When we first saw him, I quickly got out my camera and tried to shoot some pictures of him, but I couldn’t get the focus right, and I thought I’d missed my chance. Well, about an hour later, he came back, and I got these:


5 thoughts on “Our Stalker

  1. We're using a Nikon D80…very good camera that really is the reason our shots are good at all 😉

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