Germany Part II – Legoland!!!

We took a day during our second week and went to Legoland near Munich. It was so awesome! Hannah was big enough to ride her first roller coaster, and there was plenty for Cailyn as well. It was an awesome day full of adventure and interesting things made from Legos! There’s several pics on this one, so we hope you enjoy!

Hannah’s first roller coaster!!!


Captured this through the trees…what was skepticism has turned to joy!


Cailyn got her first ride on an interesting boat ride…the little kids actually paddle themselves! Not pictured is Jen having to “help” Hannah finish her ride. Cailyn is taking this ride with the daughter of our dear friends we were on our trip with


The 3 Musketeers on the train ride. They felt grown up being on their own!


Hannah had seen this Log-ride from afar and kept asking to go on it. Unfortunately as with most log-rides, there’s a “scene” you go through on your way up to the top. This ride had a dragon that she wasn’t too thrilled with and it kind of ruined her desire to be on the ride, of course, at that point, you’re stuck. This is just as we’re peaking over the crest to come down


Zoomed in a little. Daddy’s excited of course, trying to encourage. Wish you could feel the death-grip she had on my hand! She later admitted that if it hadn’t been for the dragon, she would have loved this!


Cailyn and I went on this airplane ride that you actually make it go up and down as it goes around…she thought it was awesome! (Little tribute here to Grandpa and Uncle Adam!)



3 thoughts on “Germany Part II – Legoland!!!

  1. Wow! What great fun! I would never have believed that Hannah would have been ready for those scary rides! Granny STILL has trouble with them LOL
    They're such cuties, and the airplane pic reminds me of a little one riding Dumbo a number of years ago!

  2. If it weren't for that silly dragon that spit water on people and the weird backward water slide… I bet Hannah would have loved the splash coaster!


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