The 4 year-olds said what?!?

Ok, so I know we’re still adjusting to life here in Ireland, but something happened yesterday that just struck Jen and I so funny…I thought I needed to share with you all.

Today we had the privilege to be asked to attend the christening of some of our friends’ new baby boy, an honor we were very happy to be a part of. It was a great time, a nice service, and everything went according to plan. After the service, everyone was talking to the mom and dad as you do at an event like this, and just having a good time before leaving the church. Well, the plan was for everyone to go from the church to one of the local pubs to hang out and eat. Now, before I go on, I must explain that our family has been to the pub several times. Here they’re like restaurants, so going there with children is perfectly normal. As we’re milling around, everyone is asking each other if they were going to the pub, and see-you-there’s were said all around. Fast forward to the parking lot…we’re walking to our car, Hannah and Cailyn in tow, and we hear Hannah’s 4 year old friend call out to her, “Hey Hannah! I’ll see you at the pub!” To which Hannah immediately replied, “OK! The pub sounds good!” Then another 4 year old calls out from across the parking lot, “Hey! I’m going to the pub too! I’ll see you there!” At this point, We look at the parents of the two other culprits and we’re all just standing there sort of dumb-founded. Seriously, what do you say to that?

All we could do was laugh … something about a bunch of 4 year olds talking about meeting at the pub just sounded a bit odd!

Stranger still, once at the pub, seeing the three of them (oh … and Cailyn too … ) belly-up to the bar and get their juices. Great stuff!


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