Aachen, Germany

This week we’re staying with some extremely dear friends in Brühl, Germany. We’re in Germany again because of some meetings we had to go back for. Since our friends live so close, us and another couple that we love decided to stay for a few days. The first day we really were able to venture out and see things we went to the city of Aachen. This city was once a very prominent city of major importance in the area, where the Medieval German Kings were crowned, and Charlemagne chose to build one of his largest Cathedrals and lived the last 20 years of his life. It’s right on the border of Germany and Belgium, so in WWII, it was the first German city taken by the Allied forces. As we stood in the square of the city, the main City Hall and other buildings clearly showing damage done by the war. One fascinating thing about Germany I’ve found is that all the buildings that were damaged in the War were either rebuilt completely following destruction, or they were patched up with obviously new bricks interlaced in the old structure. It was a great day though…we were able to eat Pizza Hut for lunch, which was awesome, but then spent some time just walking the streets, enjoying the sights and even went into the Cathedral. Overall, it was a VERY good day. Here’s some pics of the adventure!
Hannah and Cailyn with our friends’ kids enjoying the fall leaves in the city square. They spent a long while playing in the leaves, and we attracted quite a crowd!

Hannah throwing a pile of leaves

Cailyn, Hannah and two of our friends kids peeking through the wall outside the Aachen City Hall, built in the 11th century

Aachen Cathedral built by Charlemagne in A.D. 805

Part of the mosaic ceiling inside the Cathedral

The front of the Cathedral with an insane array of stained-glass. The golden box in the foreground is said to contain the remains of Charlemagne.

A candelabra in the Cathedral

Street performers outside the Cathedral. This man is playing a Contra Bass Balalaika – a Russian 3-stringed cousin to the ukulele.


4 thoughts on “Aachen, Germany

  1. No wonder they downsized to the ukele (sp?). That thing is huge. 🙂 Ask Jen which guy in HS had the thing about cameros. I saw one (a Camero) yesterday and remembered us mocking it. 🙂

  2. What fun time playing in the leaves, I can almost hear the giggles!
    I didn't know they made a bass balalaika…learn something new everyday.
    I hope the rest of your stay was full with as much joy as the kids in the leaves :o)

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