Torrential Downpours

So, we had an interesting event the other day: It was the middle of the afternoon around the house. I was busy in the office doing some paperwork, Jen was doing some things around the house, Hannah was playing Indiana Jones on the Xbox (she loves that game!), and Cailyn was napping. When Jen decided that she needed to go to the store, I thought, “No problem!”, so she leaves. within just a couple minutes, I hear Cailyn in the room right above the office starting to wake up. She sounds like something’s wrong, which usually means that she’s really ready to be out of her room. So, I send Hannah up to open her door, simply because that’s usually all she needs and she loves it when Hannah gets her up from nap. The next thing I hear is Hannah coming down to tell me, “Daddy, Cailyn pottied in her bed,” and she returns to the Xbox. (We’ll hear from her later.) So I’m thinking to myself, “uh oh.” Apparently my idea of letting Cailyn sleep without her trousers on was a bad idea because apparently she decided she didn’t need her nappy either. And of course, there was a pool in her bed. Oh well…this stuff happens, and it’s a part of her starting to potty-train, so I set out to take care of it. We have a little potty-trainer seat on the toilet, so I’m thinking she needs to get on that and make sure she’s finished. Thinking she’s ok doing that, I proceed to get sheets off the bed and find out what else was taken out with the mess. At this point, I hear Hannah cry out, “Oh no!” and then her feet patter into the bathroom downstairs. Since I have a load of sheets already, I decide to take them down and see what’s going on with Hannah. Turns out the pee signal was still blaring in the house and Hannah had wet her pants while playing Xbox. Man…this just keeps getting better!! Well, in the mean time, I hear Cailyn starting to freak out upstairs, so I run back up there to see her now standing in the bathroom in the middle of another pool of pee just paranoid about the whole situation. To make matters worse, she now realizes that she was supposed to be on the toilet and turns to run the 5 feet to get on the toilet. The only problem was that she wasn’t only standing on a tile floor, there was a plastic bag on the floor where she chose to pee. Inevitably, her first step was right on the bag. This made her foot slide right out from under her, and she fell back, landing right on her head. So, now she’s laying in her own pee, freaking out and hurt. The poor girl! I picked her up, cleaned her up and put on a fresh nappy and some clean clothes while Hannah too got the same treatment, minus the nappy of course. All calmed down, sheets were ready to be washed, and life was normal again…for those 10 minutes, life was pretty crazy!! Life with kids…never a dull moment!


4 thoughts on “Torrential Downpours

  1. Hilarious . . . now, anyways . . . Sure you weren't exactly laughing at the moment! 🙂 Great job handling the craziness! Thanks for sharing. i will try to remember “Deibel Downpour” when i think that i am overwhelmed with my two 🙂

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