Fall Colors

There’s a consensus around our house that Fall is our favorite time of year because of how beautiful it is! Of course the other seasons are great too, but Fall is the best. The colors produced by falling leaves, the coolness of the air and the stillness that seems to come over life after crazy summers is great. Jen took this picture a couple weeks ago when she was out with one of our groups.


2 thoughts on “Fall Colors

  1. Fall is my favorite season too! But I will just have to enjoy seeing your pics of fall colors…we don't have any changing leaves yet. Maybe next month we will get a few.

  2. Fall is my favorite as well. The crispness of the air, wood burning, and of course the comfort food, and all of the colors! It's just a cozy time of year for me. I tade a lot of pics around our place, but they never do justice to the real thing!

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