Evening Stroll…

One of the best parts about having the sun go down at 5pm is that the girls are awake for it. In the summer, it can be well past 11pm before it goes down, so it’s virtually never dark for them. So, on clear days, we try to go out and walk and enjoy the cool evening air and see a cool sunset. While Jen was doing some stuff around the house, I bundled the girls up and we headed down a road near our house. It was a really fun walk, and I got some great shots of the girls…

Love the expression on Cailyn’s face!

All of a sudden, they both had these blank stares on their faces…

What a cutie!

Sweet smile!

Trying to get some emotion in the photo-shoot, I asked Hannah to tell me about something at school…she was so into this story, and I got this when she was telling me that she got to go run in her little basketball room “2 times!!!”


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