Stroll contintued…

Here’s a few more pictures from our stroll the other night…

We had just come around from behind a house and the girls caught a glimpse of an airplane in the sky…

The sun-setting over the islands just off the coast

As we were walking back, the site of the sunset reflecting in the windows of the pub near our house was spectacular

And the favorite of the evening…the girls sharing a secret…

5 thoughts on “Stroll contintued…

  1. Beautiful, and sweet. I hope you are printing some and hanging them in your home! Those pics of the girls are just too sweet not to be hung and seen everyday! I love 'em!

  2. Jill – yeah, we really need to. Haven't really been able to here because we really can't hang a whole lot in this house. MSF thanks! Granny and Papa – they do love their walks a lot…trying to do it as often as we can! Judy – Thanks! We have a Nikon D80 with a couple different lenses – a 18-135 and a 70-300. I've always wanted to do photography as a hobby and I'm getting into it more and more…I'm just glad I'm getting some good shots! I worry that unless I figure out how to use it, I'll be missing shots of the girls because they're blurry or something

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