Christmas morning at the Deibel’s house

Ok, so we have a couple videos of the morning that we wanted to share with our friends and family. The first is of the girls as they came down the stairs to see their stockings on the table…the excitement as they saw what they got is awesome! The video after is of the “big surprise” gifts we gave them. I’ve always looked forward to that Christmas when we’d give the kids their first bikes, so we snuck into the room we had them hid in, and taped their reactions…a sweet Merry Christmas at the end of that one from both of the girls. We do hope that you had a very Merry Christmas, and we pray many blessings on you, wherever you are, and we thank you for following our blog, supporting us with your thoughts, and all the blessings we have because of you, whether you’re family or friend. Merry Christmas from the Deibel Crew!!!


4 thoughts on “Christmas morning at the Deibel’s house

  1. Such excitment over chopsticks lol!!!
    This is the first Christmas morning video I have ever watched that wasn't my own. A real privilege. Thanks for sharing it. I suppose everybody is busy celebrating their own day. It is just so nice to be a part of yours:0)

    I think having the gifts in a Christmas stocking is a great idea. When I used to celebrate Christmas all the gifts were wrapped and placed under the tree. As a child the tree had LOADS under it because there were 10 of us kids and ever since that I suppose I always tried to copy that by having lots of gifts regardless of how many were there?! It can put a lot of pressure on parents etc.
    Anyway, it is always a pleasure to stop by. Happy New Year to you all from Dundalk and may God continue to bless your marraige, your children, your Church, your work and mostly your relationship with Him.

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