Happy Birthday Hannah!!

So, today is the day…we have a 5 year old in our house! Today, 5 years ago, our lives were richly blessed by having Hannah, our first. Life changed drastically for us when she came, but I had no idea just how awesome being a dad would be. She IS my little girl, and no matter how many of these birthday’s pass by, she always will be. Over the last year, we have seen some amazing things out of her. We’ve moved to Ireland, she basically taught herself to read (no, I’m not exaggerating!) and has learned quite a bit of a new language. She is incredible. Her sense of humor, her tender heart, her laughter and joy she finds in life is a blessing to all of us, and we are so much better with her in our lives. Hannah, as your Parents, we are honored to have you as our daughter! You amaze us all the time and bring so much joy to our hearts. We hope this year of being a big 5 year old is incredible, and we can’t wait to see what life brings your way this year! We love you!!!

Here’s a few pics from the last year…


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Hannah!!

  1. Happy birthday, Hannah! So sorry I didn't get to say so on your birthday, but I've been very sick. It was so great to get to see you for Christmas. Hope you had a fantastic day! – Uncle Thom

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