Hidden talent

So, we’ve said recently how we’re loving watching our girls growing up and learning their personalities. One very definable character trait of Cailyn’s is that she is a quiet observer, not trying anything first hand until she’s seen it done, and knows how to do it in her head. She’s done this with walking, talking, and now evidently, with Guitar Hero. Normally she loves to be the dancer as Jen sings with Hannah, and I play the guitar part. Well, tonight, I told the girls that we’d have a quick session before bed. Cailyn emphatically stated that she was singing, and hurried over and grabbed the mic. “OK” I thought…so I got it all set up. She asked for “Hello Goodbye”, so with me on the guitar, Hannah playing the drums, and Jen helped Cailyn out a little bit…well, take a look for yourself, but I think Cailyn did a pretty good job! And fair play to Jen for letting me post this…


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