Sunsets and window-watchers

Ok, so I know that we’ve been putting up a lot of sunset pictures this winter…that’s because as opposed to the summer when the sun is going down at around 10:30 or so, it goes down around 5pm. And, the colors are always amazing, so we shoot some pictures whenever we can. Well, the other night, Jen left for a quick errand, so I was alone in the house with the girls. Jen texts me almost immediately when she gets to the road to say the sunset is amazing, and so I had to go look. So, I’m left with no car, and this GORGEOUS sunset, so I think quick on how to get out to see it. (Please note, this is over Christmas break, and the girls were enjoying an all day jammie day, so going for a quick walk was out of the question. I suddenly remembered that in our windows in our bedroom, we have these nice 2 foot ledges just perfect for little girls to sit on! So, I ask the girls to stay put, and I go snap some pictures where they can see me standing on the highway…well, when I turn to come back to the house, they decided that the window they were sitting in may as well have been a stage, so they preened and smiled at me and really enjoyed their little perch! Here’s a couple of them, and one of the sunset…


4 thoughts on “Sunsets and window-watchers

  1. Cute pics of the girls! And I love the sunset pics. You live in such a beautiful place–we are constantly amazed by the pics. Got room for another family over there? 😉

  2. I have to admit that your sunsets rival those of the 'old west' out here, but….NOTHING can compare with the sweetness and innocence of those two sweeties in the window!

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