St. Patrick’s Day!!!

Yesterday, we experienced our second St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland since moving back over. We went to the city again to see the parade since we had some friends that we were meeting up with. It was a great day! With the threat of rain looming all day, the skies were kind and we enjoyed a great day! As parades go, this was probably one of the saddest I’ve seen to be honest…it turned into an advertising campaign more than anything as one group or club after another marched behind a hand-made sign to promote their own vernture. With that said though, it was great to be there. There are so many people that turned out, it’s just a great atmosphere. Ireland is a great place to be on St. Patrick’s Day without a doubt!

Just after we got to the city, the girls finished getting ready for the day with the obligatory donning of the face-paint

Cailyn getting ready to watch the parade from behind the barricade…

I loved this old man!

Come on…WHAT parade (especially a St. Patrick’s Day parade) would be complete without some Storm Troopers?

Yes, here many people do get into dressing up and stuff. It’s fun and people do get into it!

A troupe of kids with a different take on the Irish Flag – each one was carrying a large portion of one of the tri-colors

This is my “Grande Finale.” When I heard about this happening, I was so excited! For a special treat for this years’ parade, they featured William Wallace’s sword! I thought it was so neat to have a piece of history literally walking before us! Everybody now…FREEEEDOOOOOOOOOOM!!!


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