At the Coffee Shop

One thing that we absolutely love here is this little coffee shop in a neighboring village. We like it for many reasons; it’s close, the people that run it are great, and the food is awesome! If or WHEN you ever come visit, this is a place that you will definitely be going with us! For us, this place is really kind of special. We got to Ireland during the doldrums of winter when the sun is only up for maybe 7 hours a day, if it can even be seen from behind the clouds. This cafe was the first place we ever really were able to feel comfortable being. We go to this cafe to meet our language tutors, meet friends, do some computer work, or just relax. The kids love it, and we love it…it’s our place…the place we go. Life would be different if we didn’t have the chance to go!

One funny thing about it: we’ve posted on here a few times about the kids having these things called Baby-chinos. Basically, they’re just seamed milk with a little chocolate and some marshmallows. But, it looks very similar to an espresso. This is a very common thing in Europe, but it hasn’t hit American yet, or hadn’t by the time we left. It’s so funny for us to see the American tourists come in the cafe, see Hannah sipping her Baby-chino, and look at us like we’re the worst parents in the world! Granted, it does look strange, but it’s fun for us anyway.

We went today, and I took some pictures on my phone so you can see a little what it’s like:

The girls enjoying their drinks…

The Baby-chino has to be just so…


4 thoughts on “At the Coffee Shop

  1. I was only there twice and I already miss it. Great little place. Would it be strange if you guys asked the owner for his chowder recipe for me? Because holy cow… That was amazing. Would it help if I promise to have the chowder whenever I'm back in the country? And I also promise not to publish it on the intartoobs.

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