The trip that…

Well, I was about to say the trip that never ends, but alas, after a long few days, we’ve made the journey from Ireland to the Isle of Skye. After our ferry was delayed and the long arduous drive we had today, we finally made it. I have to say, the Isle of Skye is one of the prettiest places I’ve ever seen. The Mountains are just spectacular, and with the snow they’ve received the last few days, it’s even better. We were moving along quickly, so most of the pictures I have are from the middle of a huge van while I was sandwiched in between Hannah and Cailyn. It was quite the adventure though, and the girls did great! They got to watch several movies, and even got to have a little snowball fight at one of the stops. We saw amazing scenery, and tons of deer and even a few mountain goats. A long, LONG day, but it was good in the end. Here’s a few shots of the day, and I’ll post more later…

If you remember, a couple weeks ago at the parade, we saw William Wallace’s sword.
Today, we saw the William Wallace Monument – “for our national hero”

A group of stag deer feeding at dusk

Snow covered mountains

Went to take a picture of Cailyn about 12 hours into our trip…doesn’t that look just sum it all up? And it looks like her kitty feels the same


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