Coming home!!!

Hey everyone – if you have been watching the news lately, you’ve seen the disruption that the volcano in Iceland has caused. Well, sure enough, we were effected by it; almost immediately after we returned home from Scotland, we got word that Jen’s grandfather had passed away. (That’s another post that I’ve been working on…sorry that it’s so late!!) Anyway, we were able to put Jen on a plane so she could be with her family, which was very good. The kids and I really wanted to go, but we just couldn’t swing it. We sent Mommy off to represent us and give our love to everyone. Well, that’s when the volcano broke loose. She’s been stuck in Arizona, and is FINALLY returning home tomorrow morning. The girls and I are sitting in a hotel room near the Dublin airport watching planes landing anxiously waiting for her to come home!!

As a caveat, I do have to put my own spin on her being “stuck” – now granted, she was away from her kids and myself, BUT, she was so fortunate to be with her parents unlike many of the people that were in airports bathing in sinks. She was home enjoying family, eating at American restaurants, going to Diamondbacks games…well, ok, maybe just one Diamondbacks game, but still…all that to say, we’re really thankful for the extra time she got at home with her parents. What a gift it was! But alas, “stuck” time is over…time to come home!!!

Here’s a picture of Jen when we were in Scotland

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