Happy 10 year Anniversary!

Ok, so our actual anniversary isn’t until June 10, but since June is going to be a busy month around here, Jen and I are taking a vacation a little early. See, we really haven’t been able to celebrate too much since our 1st anniversary because for one reason or another, we’ve had work going on and haven’t been able to do anything more than just a quick dinner out together. We’ve had some nice evenings together, but for this year we wanted a little bit more than just going out to dinner; something very special! So, we’re off to Italy! There’s a place that Jen has always wanted to go, and everything worked out for me to take her. We’re so excited! Some friends of ours are staying with the girls this week (a HUUUUGE thank you to you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and we’re getting a week on our own. We’re so excited! We hope we’ll be able to put up some pictures during the week, but we’ll have to see how available internet is while we’re there.

Here’s a picture from our wedding…who are those kids???

5 thoughts on “Happy 10 year Anniversary!

  1. Happy anniversary! Niall and I are two years behind you both. Out eight wedding anniversary is in November… But we weren't kids! Niall has two sisters living in Italy and so has spent some time over there during the past thirty years. We went there with Seam soon after wearried and stayed in Rome. Beautiful city. We hope you have a lovely time.
    Hannah's new hair cut has made such a difference. She looks more blond now:0)

  2. Ahhh, Happy 10th! Have an awesome time in Italy and I'm not jealous at all, nope, not one but! And, were y'all like 15 when you got married? 🙂 We all look so young back then!

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