Driving along the Amalfi Coast

While we were in Positano, there were several things we tried to do. One of those was just to relax and drive along the coast and the surrounding area, just enjoying the beauty. I somehow was able to convince my wife to do this on a scooter! (Anyone who knows Jen will understand how out-of-her-element this really was!) We spent an entire day just driving up and down the coast, stopping for lots of pictures and coffee, and really enjoyed the day. Here’s some of the pictures:

Proof that I got Jen on a scooter! It was fun! Nothing like being on something like that, riding on a very windy coast road!
Beautiful spot in a cove along the road…

Another picture of how great all the colors in the water were…
Another cute picture of Jen from the week

This was actually taken on the bus as we were leaving the area. I loved that little rain shower just getting ready to sweep over the little island

Another stop along the road…


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