More from the scooter…

We decided the best way to show the fun of riding a scooter in Italy, we had to take some video of it. Jen grabbed the camera and got some video of us going through the town, so you get a quick “tour” of Positano. You’ll see some stuff like how restaurants actually have seating across the road from their entrances so waiters have to dodge traffic as they serve, and all the shops that line the road. As you watch the video though, there is one funny part – Jen’s reaction after someone tries to pull out in front of us!

I actually took this picture while I was driving the scooter…I was trying to show how the road is actually built out away from the mountain, just hanging over the ocean. I thought it came out cool!


4 thoughts on “More from the scooter…

  1. Very cool. Actually makes me think of one of the car chase scenes in Condorman.

    Seth, I still can't believe you actually got Jen on a scooter.

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