School Walk Day

This morning was a fun day! The school Hannah goes to does all they can to encourage the kids to exercise and be active. So, aside from the sport day from a few posts back, they’ll go on sporadic walks and explorations, especially when the weather is nice. It’s almost as if the teachers see a sunny day, and as everyone else does here, find whatever excuse they can to be outdoors. So, this morning the whole school met at the local pub and had a mass Walk to School. Hannah really thought it was fun, and there was a good spirit all around. And with summer here, the weather being so gorgeous today, it was just an amazing addition to what is normally a routine activity!

Hannah decked out in her safety vest, ready for the walk!

This actually turned into a huge cultural experience for me…as I mentioned before, we met at where else? THE LOCAL PUB! Only in rural Ireland!

On Cailyn and my walk back to the car, there were a couple of horses that were really ready for some attention. So, we stopped, petted them and Cailyn thought they were great!!


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