Long, long days…

So, I blogged several times in the winter about how amazed I was at how early the sun goes down; missing seeing the sun setting over the ocean at 4:00 in the afternoon. Well, short winter days mean we also get very long summer days as well. With the amazing weather we’ve had this week, the sky has been bright well past 9 in the evening, with traces of daylight still visible past 11. It’s just amazing to me. The evenings feel odd at times; we find ourselves having to keep close eyes on the time because dinner time just doesn’t feel like dinner time, and there have been a couple days when the girls got to stay up quite late because we lost track! Well, last night I was in the office on skype with a friend of mine at almost 11 when I looked outside and saw the sunset. The colors were amazing, and I just had to get out and try to capture the scene. I came pretty close…


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