Hey, Jen here: We started our first week of summer break this week. I didn’t want it to be a whole 2 months of just sitting around, watching TV and doing nothing in particular. So, I sat down and made a list of fun things I wanted to do or try with the kids. One of those things was to finally use one of the packages of real Nestle Tollhouse morsels I brought back with me from my time in the States.

Now, I have to admit, I’m not a great mom when it comes to involving the girls in the kitchen. The mess and disorganization stresses me out, and it’s just “easier” to do it all myself. But, I knew they’d love making these together. So, I got everything together and out on the table beforehand. We all got gussied up in our aprons and hairbands and set to work.

I couldn’t believe how smoothly it went, and how much fun we ALL had! I was so proud of them as they took turns, helped each other, and praised each other throughout the process. All I did was read out what we needed to do with each step. I helped Cailyn measure out the items, and only helped Hannah if she really needed it. Other than that, they did it ALL themselves.

I tried really hard not to train them to make cookies my way (aka, eat half the batter before you even put it on the baking sheet). And we did have to switch spoons a few times b/c someone couldn’t resist the urge to sneak a lick. We did each get a spoon to lick when it was done, and of course a warm cookie at the end.

It was the perfect way to kick off our summer and I’m SO glad we did it all together!

Everything is set!

Cailyn carefully pouring the flour

…and stirring it up

Hannah’s turn!

Such concentration…

You can almost hear a ‘Homer Simpson’ groan – mmmmm…cookies….

Carefully cracking the egg…so proud she did it all by herself!

Hannah proud of the finished mix…Cailyn – well…yeah…

Time to enjoy!


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