Caernarfon Castle

One of my favorite things in North Wales are all the castles that Kind Edward I built in the late 13th century. History wise, I don’t like what they stand for since they were built to keep the Welsh under control. But there’s 6 castles built along the northern coast, and they’re all magnificent. The “prize” though, is Caernarfon. It was built in a way that it would actually house the King if he chose to come, as opposed the other ones being simply garrisons. Over time it has been abandoned, attacked, rebuilt, and eventually restored and used as a place where Princes were invested. It now stands as an awesome structure, and for many, the intrigue of medieval times.It was never actually finished, however. The use of the title “Prince of Wales” originates from this castle; Edward II was born here, and was presented as the “Prince of Wales” beginning a still-used tradition of the heirs to the English throne being invested as such. Prince Charles, the current Prince of Wales, was invested at this castle in 1969.


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