Beautiful Sunday…

We actually had a really nice day on Sunday. The skies weren’t exactly clear, but it wasn’t rainy, making for a great day. Nice and warm(ish) and just a day you need to get out and be outside. Since I’d been away, our family really needed to get out away from the house and just hang out together. One of the neighboring villages has a brand new playground that the girls love, so we loaded up the car, grabbed the camera and headed out. Simple day really, and we weren’t there for more than an hour, but it was worth it…just a sweet, sweet day. Here’s some pics for you…
Close up of Hannah…

…and one of Cailyn

Cailyn is getting so big! She’s getting better on the “big girl” swing!

Hannah recently has mastered the fire-pole slide…but, as you can see, it still requires ultimate concentration!

Here’s a fun toy…it’s an uneven ring that circles around the track. It’s fun to get a few people on it and spin them around…the uneven-ness makes it hard to stay on! Jen was a willing sport…

And alas, a father’s day is not complete without a little relaxation, am I right?


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