Around our house today…

Sorry it’s been a while since we’ve posted anything. To be honest, I just lost a little steam. Something cool though: we just sold our old camcorder and were able to get a Flip-type that hopefully will enable us to post videos easier. The old camera was a little tedious with a couple things, and this should go smoother, plus the video quality is much better.

With that in mind, I thought I’d post what’s happening at our house today…in the field joining our house, our landlords are having a little work done – breaking up some rock so they can clear it. Not sure what is going to be built, but it takes a lot to break the rock up. They’re using a pneumatic arm that is annoying…personally, I’d rather they just rigged up some dynamite and got it over with. You can hear the noise, but if you really want to experience this, you need the help of a friend (or other kind of volunteer). FIrst, play the video. Second, in time with the rock being pounded, have someone gently knock you in the head with the back of their fist…not hard like a punch, just a little pulse so you can feel it. Now, imagine that all day.

And oh yeah, some friends of ours just got here for a visit with their 2 month old son…and he’s trying to nap. Good times.


3 thoughts on “Around our house today…

  1. I agree with Jeff – surely there's a place with less rocks that they can build on! Unless of course they're planning on building a quarry next to your house. Now that would be fun!

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