We’ve lost a tooth…

Well, tonight Hannah made yet another leap in her movement up the development ladder. She came to us earlier in the afternoon complaining that her tooth was bothering here, and sure enough, it was loose and we could see the new one already poking our a bit underneath it. We knew it would only be a matter of time! She got really scared as she began eating her dinner that it was going to hurt, so we set off to investigate the tooth a little more. (Mind you, Hannah had taken a couple chances to wiggle her tooth a little bit, so by now, it’s really been worked over!) I saw right away that it was ready to come out. Of course, by this time, Hannah’s getting freaked out because she realizes that this thing is actually coming out. I got her to help things along a bit by pushing her tooth with her tongue loosening it up a little more. After that, it was just about fell out as I reached in for it. She was SO excited about it…obviously, just a massive moment for her. And Cailyn was just as excited for her! It’s now resting under her pillow, excited for her first visit for the tooth fairy!

Here’s the even in pictures…

Sitting there waiting to come out…

Her new smile!

Liked this shot…holding her tooth and you can see the hole in the background

The culprit

Cailyn was unbelievably excited! I think she was happier than Hannah!

Properly placed under her pillow before bed


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