Wedding shoot prep…

If you haven’t heard, my little photography hobby is about to take a huge turn toward, well…it’s making a huge turn. I was asked over the summer to do a wedding shoot for some friends that’s coming up in just a couple weeks. Needless to say, I’m getting a little nervous about it. I want to do a great job for them, and I want to have a little fun with it as well. As I’ve been preparing, I’ve used my “guinea pigs” to help me. Yesterday I loaded them in the car and we went to the hotel that the wedding is going to be held at to test some shots out before the big day. It turned out to be a fantastic time though, and any time I get just to turn the camera loose on the girls, I always get some keepers!
Any time I say “smile” this is usually what I get…a little pose

Now this is a pose…lol

I just thought Cailyn’s face in this shot was creepy…

Walking down the aisle…

I’ve seen this look a lot lately in photo-shoots, and I thought I’d make one up…I brightened this quite a bit. What do you think?

After a little “work” mocking up some shots for me, the girls turned the open space into a track meet…if only I could include the giggling noises!

And…it’s football season!!!


Are we done yet???


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