Photo exhibition

The little photography club that I’m a part of is having its second photo exhibition soon during the Arts Festival happening in the city in July. We’re honored that we get to have an exhibit during such a packed week with so many artists and performers having their stuff on display! Our “theme” for this exhibition is based on a day in the life of our surrounding area, whatever that meant to us. We all gathered with our photos one evening a couple weeks ago to display them and have them voted on as a group to make our selections. I was fortunate to have 2 of my photos chosen to be entered!! We’re also having a smaller display beyond the 24 photos of some that were great photos, but we just didn’t have enough room for, and I have a couple in there as well. I’ll show you my entry’s in a couple of days, but first, I’ll show you the ones that I had either shown to the group that night, or a couple that I held back. (I mean seriously…I didn’t want to bring in my whole collection!! LOL) Here’s my “alternates”: And, as always, I would love to hear your thoughts!!!

A Bridge at Night

This Pheasant was caught in our front yard

A clear evening in our city

Obviously the same place as the previous spot, but I couldn’t decide which of these two I liked better. What do you think???

The same location later that night. I was taking this photograph the same time as a friend of mine – we’d agreed that this would be his location to submit an entry. (Graciously, he gave me the location to one that I submitted)

This is one I didn’t submit, but kind of wish I had. I really like this shot!


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