Summer surprise

Now, I have to start off by apologizing for some lack of posting. I have some new software that I’m trying to get used to, and actually, I’m waiting on some other equipment to arrive 🙂 So, in the mean time, I’m going to take some time to catch up on some over-due posts…

One evening a couple weeks ago, I was in charge of the kids, and to help bridge the gap to when Isaac was ready to go to bed (or perhaps the correct way to say that is that Isaac is past-ready to go to bed, but we just can’t bring ourselves to put him down for the night at 4 in the afternoon. So days like that one when he boycotted his nap, much of the late afternoon is spent trying to help him bide his time…) I decided to just take the kids for a stroll up our road and kill some time. That’s when our neighbor came rushing out of her house to ask if I’d seen the random patch of flowers that had popped up in the field next to hers. Since she’s been there for many, many years, she knows for sure that it’s been about 10 years since this particular patch of flowers had bloomed, and she was just overjoyed by it all. Amazing how the slightest event can bring us loads of pleasure, huh?


One thought on “Summer surprise

  1. So I just had to run and get the Wild Flowers of Ireland book that I bought while in Ireland and it looks like this is Willowherb (Epilobium). I saw some of this around the park in Shanganagh. I think I even ended up with a pressed flower. What a blessing to witness this rare and beautiful treat! How great to share it with a neighbor.

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