Summer Surprise Day 9


Sorry I’m late getting the last day’s pics up. It was a really busy day yesterday full of play dates, birthday parties, and helping new friends settle in.

Here are the kiddos with their “face presents”


Hannah got a really cool book about how God loves her and she is His princess. She immediate sat down perused through it!

Cailyn got some fun Bible Story coloring books, which she immediately sat down and started coloring in!

(I like Isaac’s “photo bomb” in this pic hehehe)

Isaac got a really cute book about how much Jesus loves him. There’s a cartoon drawing of a little blonde boy on the cover. Isaac played with the book for  along time, and he kept patting (aka smacking) the little boy’s picture. Then he squeeled “Isaac!!”We all want to thank Granny and Papa again for such a neat idea! We’ve all really enjoyed seeing what each day brought, and they are thoroughly enjoying all of their goodies!






One thought on “Summer Surprise Day 9

  1. It was great fun to send them…even more fun seeing them choose and enjoy! Now for the REAL fun…..playing with the Box! LOL

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