Murder with Alice in Wonderland…

We actually haven’t ever written about this yet: A group of great friends we hang out with pretty often have now been through 3 murder mystery dinners together, including tonight. If you’ve never done one, they’re really fun, especially with good friends. The quick gist is that everyone is given a character that fits the theme that you dress up and act as, then during the meal that night at the host home, you work through clues that are given to you to find out who the murderer is. It’s really a lot of fun! Well, we just got done with one tonight, and it was a blast. The theme was Alice in Wonderland, based on the Lewis Carroll novels. I was the White Rabbit, and Jen was the Duchess. We really spent a lot of time getting our costumes together, and have been looking forward to this for a while! And it was incredible! Everyone really went all out with their outfits, and the murder was intriguing, (nope, I can’t share who did it – don’t want to spoil it for anyone…but do you care to venture a guess??) But, it is late…almost 4am actually, so I’m leaving you with that as the description of the night. BUT, there’s some pics I’ll go ahead and post so you can see how awesome it was!

The whole gang

Getting ready to head out to the party…The Duchess and The White Rabbit are going out!

The host did an incredible thing – he custom made some wine bottles with the characters on them!

Of course, there was the Mad Hatter…

And Alice herself, with Tweedledumb. (Tweedledee couldn’t make it, unfortunately…hint, hint)

Alice and The Duchess…

The Executioner and The Cook…

Our host, Lewis Carroll…

Perhaps a bit sinister?

The Cheshire Cat… (amazing that we only saw his head…)

Alice, the Mad Hatter, and The Duchess trying to solve the mystery. Who dun it?


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