1st day of school!!

Hooray! Yesterday was the girls back to school day! They really were so excited to go back and see all their friends, play, and learn. (Seriously…learn. lol) It really was a great day. Jen started it all off by getting out of bed early and making some fresh muffins and hot chocolate for the girls to have for their breakfast, and then into their school clothes. This is an especially big year for Cailyn since she’s starting what is the equivalent of Kindergarten, and she got to wear a uniform finally! No joke, she’s been counting the days since we bought it all. They got their hair done, and grabbed their bags (which were packed the night before) and off we all went to the school. Hannah helped us take Cailyn to her class since she’d been there before. Their first day was great, and now, we just have the rest of the year to look forward to! 😉 Here’s the pics (sorry there’s so many for this post!)

The girls sitting down to breakfast. Cailyn still a little sleepy…

Hannah following the “no chocolate left behind” rule…

Their bags all packed in front of the door. They took all the books we bought, which got left there in their class rooms.

The big school girl dressed and ready to go!

Toothless, but all set!

Sweet sisters!

Hannah ‘moves in’

Cailyn doing the same…wish you could have heard the giggles just from the excitement of pulling her own book-bag!

Met by her teacher, showing that she did in-fact bring all her books. lol

A well-wish hug from the big sister.

All the girls together. (Isaac didn’t want his picture taken apparently)

All set. What’s left, but to start playing?

Hannah went right in and started chatting with her friends

Cailyn had her first homework assignment! …The challenge of coloring a heart. This page she’s coloring is a song they sing that roughly translates in English to Come Jesus, Come Jesus, Fill my heart with love.

And to celebrate, we made a pseudo Chick-Fil-A® recipe we have…yum!!


3 thoughts on “1st day of school!!

  1. what an amazing day!! Cailyn looks soooo grown-up, and with just a hint of apprehension in those first few photos! Tell Cailyn Granny is very proud of her and loves her in the uniform. Please tell Hannah that I’m very impressed with her big sister skills! Tell Isaac to enjoy the time alone with mommie and daddie hehehe

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